Usher’s Dream Realized: Headlining the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show

An Iconic Performance Awaits as the World Gears Up for a Spectacular Show

Usher, the renowned artist, expressed his immense gratitude and excitement about performing at the Super Bowl, stating, “The opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl has always been a dream of mine. The anticipation of delivering a unique show to the world is exhilarating. I’m profoundly thankful to my fans and everyone who made this dream a reality. The countdown begins!”

Seth Dudowsky, the NFL Head of Music, shared his enthusiasm about Usher headlining the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show. He remarked, “Usher’s music has been a cultural beacon for decades. Collaborating with such an iconic figure, alongside Roc Nation and Apple Music, promises a halftime show that will be remembered for ages.”

Music mogul JAY-Z weighed in on Usher’s unparalleled artistry, saying, “From his debut as a teenager, Usher has consistently showcased his unparalleled talent. His performances are not just about the music; they’re a window into his soul. This Super Bowl stage is a testament to his incredible journey, and I eagerly await the magic he will bring.”

Oliver Schusser, Apple’s Vice President of Apple Music, Apple TV+, Sports, and Beats, highlighted the significance of the Halftime Show. He said, “The Halftime Show is a monumental music event. Our collaboration with the NFL and Roc Nation last year was groundbreaking. With Usher, a global music legend, set to perform, we anticipate another unforgettable show.”

In a nostalgic twist, Apple Music unveiled a series of videos celebrating the 20th anniversary of Usher’s hit, “Confessions, Pt. II.” These videos, featuring stars like Kim Kardashian, Coach Prime, Odell Beckham Jr., and Marshawn Lynch, culminate in a present-day Usher revealing to his younger self about his upcoming Super Bowl performance.

USHER x Kim Kardashian VIDEO

USHER x Deion Sanders VIDEO

USHER x Marshawn Lynch VIDEO

USHER x Odell Beckham Jr. VIDEO


Apple Music’s partnership with the NFL and Roc Nation has redefined the Super Bowl Halftime Show, merging the world’s premier musical event with Apple Music’s vast catalog and innovative sound technology. Apple’s legacy in revolutionizing music continues with Apple Music, offering an unparalleled music experience. Fans can stay updated by following @AppleMusic across various social media platforms.

The upcoming Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show promises a production of the highest caliber. DPS, in collaboration with Roc Nation and Jesse Collins, will produce the telecast, with Hamish Hamilton directing. Roc Nation will also provide strategic entertainment advice for the live show, ensuring a performance that will be etched in history.

The anticipation is further fueled by the success of previous halftime shows. The Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show featuring Rihanna set records, becoming the most-watched halftime show ever. It received multiple Emmy nominations, setting a precedent for excellence. Similarly, the 2022 Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show, featuring a star-studded lineup, won three Creative Arts Emmys, marking a historic achievement for the event.

As the world awaits Usher’s performance, it’s clear that this year’s Halftime Show will be a spectacle of music, dance, and unparalleled entertainment.

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