“Viral” Album: Frank Casino Shouts Out DJ Clen, Acknowledges A-Reece’s “Genius”

Rapper Frank Casino is one for giving people their flowers when they can still smell it. He did just that recently with his fellow musician A-Reece.

As you probably already know, DJ Clen recently released an album dubbed “Viral” and it had several key names in South African music on it, including A-Reece. Frank Casino had apparently listened to the project and liked it. What better way to show his love for the project and his support for those behind it than by sharing that online?

Well, he did just that. Taking to his official Twitter account, he had tweeted his congratulations to DJ Clen on the album and singled out A-Reece as being a “genius.” He also praised everyone instrumental to the release of the album. It was “good shit.”

A-Reece saw the tweet and acknowledged it, thanking Frank Casino for coming through last night. You can check out the tweet below.

It feels good to see rappers sharing positive energy out there and not beefing with each other for one reason or the other. And if you are in the mood for that “Viral” release. You are welcome to search for it here at UbeToo. Let the music begin.

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