Vyno Miller Confirms Breakup with Terry Treasure

In a move that surprised some of his fans, Big Brother Mzansi season three housemate Vyno Miller has confirmed his breakup with Terry Treasure, with whom he was linked in the Big Brother Mzansi house — and after. 

Vyno Miller, a singer and music producer, and Terry Treasure, an adult content producer on OnlyFans, have been friends before their foray into the reality show. They only got closer when they got into Biggie’s house. 

Miller was evicted first from the house, and he had commented that he’d be gutted if she hooked up with someone else in the Big Brother Mzansi house. But then he also commented that he’s human and would respect whatever decision she takes if it makes her happy. 

The eviction axe had fallen on Terry soon after. In leaving, though, she said she has no regrets as she’ll now have the time to continue to produce more adult content. 

She and Miller continued their relationship outside the house. Not long after, rumours strayed flying that the two of them had parted ways. 

Commenting on that, Miller noted that they had indeed split, but it was without acrimony. They merely decided to go back to being friends. More details about their break might follow in a song, he said.

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