Watch: Gospel Artist Dr Rebecca Malope Honoured With Statue As She Marks 35 Years In The Industry

It has been said that when one does the right things and makes a positive impact on society, one will be honoured and remembered one way or the other, one day or the other. We see this manifest all around us. It has manifested multiple times in the life of South African gospel singer Dr Rebecca Malope.

it manifested again recently, as she was honoured with a statue in Mpumalanga to mark her 35th year on the scene as a gospel musician. Indeed it has been a long and adventurous journey, sometimes with uncertainty staring at her from both sides. but she persevered.

The years have passed – almost four decades since she emerged on the music scene – and she has become not only one of the most respected gospel artists in South Africa but one of the most visible on the wcen as well. So it wasn’t surprising that she should be honoured.

The clip of the unveiling of a statue in her honour has since gone viral. Her reaction the moment the statue was unveiled continues to ignite smiles and excitement among South Africans. You can check out the clip below.

Indeed, as the saying goes, hard work and good deeds pay.

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