Watch Nasty C Talk About Being Caught In The Beef Between AKA & Cassper Beef

It’s common knowledge that and Cassper Nyovest are not friends, and they have been beefing for as long as one can remember. And it’s never a great thing to be caught in the beef between the two. Nasty C revealed this much during a recent interview.

The Zulu Man With Some Power had worked with both musicians, so he should know what he was talking about. His work with Cassper Nyovest, he noted, was pure vibes. They were at a hotel and had a good time creating what they did.

When he made it to the studio with AKA, he noted some tension. Still, he expressed the hope that one day, they’d be relaxed and have a wonderful time Creator g something. That time came soon enough, and the two collaborated on a song titled “Lemons (Lemonade).”

The song was a hit with South Africans and fetched his first no. 1 spot on South African radio. It continues to resonate with South Africans long after the release.

Interestingly the release of the song was a source of mordant criticism from Cassper Nyovest. In a tweet, he mocked AKA, noting that Nasty C saved the rapper’s career. He also mentioned Burna Boy as another person who had helped save AKA’s career.

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