Zoe Mthiyane’s Revelations on “Unfollowed” Stir Conversations

Actress Discusses Relationships, Career, and Personal Struggles

South African actress Zoe Mthiyane recently made headlines with her candid revelations on Showmax’s “Unfollowed”. The show, which delves deep into the intricacies of cancel culture and the impact of social media on celebrities, saw Mthiyane open up about her personal and professional life.

One of the most talked-about segments of the interview was when Mthiyane shared insights into her portrayal of the character Zitha Langa on “Generations: The Legacy”. She revealed that she drew inspiration from her personal experiences with her ex, the renowned “Lion King” composer, Lebo M. The character, known for her abusive tendencies, was, in part, a reflection of her tumultuous relationship with him. Their relationship garnered significant media attention, especially when Lebo M announced the end of their engagement over disagreements related to a prenuptial agreement. This led to a series of public spats, culminating in a R6 million defamation lawsuit against Mthiyane.

However, not all was gloomy in Mthiyane’s personal life. She had words of appreciation for award-winning sportscaster Robert Marawa, the father of her son, Awande. Mthiyane credited Marawa for shielding her from the harsh realities of the entertainment industry. Their relationship blossomed over seven years, during which Marawa played a protective role before they became romantically involved. Mthiyane expressed profound gratitude to Marawa’s family, who supported her during challenging times, especially after the demise of her mother and during her battle with postnatal depression.

The interview also touched upon the darker aspects of the entertainment industry. Mthiyane discussed the challenges young female artists face, particularly the exploitation they endure from influential men who control access to valuable contacts and contracts.

The revelations made by Mthiyane on “Unfollowed” have sparked a flurry of discussions online, with many praising her for her bravery and others expressing concern for her well-being. As the entertainment community and fans process the information, it’s evident that Mthiyane’s story has struck a chord with many, shedding light on the often-unseen struggles celebrities face behind the scenes.

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