Makhadzi “African Queen” Album Review

Read out review of Makhadzi's new album "African Queen".

Everyone in South Ah has grown to know and love Makhadzi as the Queen of Limpopo dance music. But, while she has owned the title in every way, she decided to give fans more of herself with the release of her new album “African Queen”. But, of course, why limit yourself to a particular place when you can rule an entire continent?

Makhadzi ruled on top of the charts as soon as the album dropped, topping albums like “Certified Lover Boy” by Canadian rapper Drake, “Donda” by Kanye West, “Made In Lagos Deluxe” by Wizkid and several other local projects. She duly established herself as an African Queen recognized in all of Mzanzi.


Makhadzi also made a huge statement with the album’s cover art. What would the cover of an African Queen album say without a shiny crown stealing the show? The dance queen poses with a silver crown on her head. It is even more interesting that she is pictured holding the crown in place while staring coyly into the camera. The pose is everything, and her outfit spots a cape, royalty style. You can tell that every bit of the shot was well thought out. And yes, message received.

While Makhadzi is known as the Queen of Limpopo dance, she has represented where she comes from by singing in the local language. Her music features her singing in Tsivenda. She keeps up the ritual on this new album singing from the start of the project until it ends in her native tongue. Some would call it a way in which she pays homage to her people back home. With the success of her music (and this album), Makhadzi showcases her home to the world.

Another interesting thing about the album is its production. Of course, everyone expects a Makhadzi album to focus on dance, with energy-packed beats from the start of the project until it ends. This time, she doesn’t just rely on the people she always has but adds new hitmakers to the list. The project features Kabza De Small, Prince Benza, Lady Du, Mr Brown, DJ Dance and more. It starts with a beautifully crafted Amapiano song, “Zwivhuya”, which hints at what to expect from the project. The entire album features a perfect blend of Piano and Bolo House, just how it should be.

Makhadzi also recruits various other artists to join her on the album. They contribute to a majority of the album’s 21 tracks. Popular names including Cassper Nyovest, Mlindo The Vocalist, Jon Dellinger, Lady Du and more also contributed to the project. Featured artists bring a beautiful vibe to a project. For example, Jon Dellinger’s vocals on the starting track “Zwivhuya” gives it an entirely different feel. Also, he sings in English, which sort of completes Makhadzi’s delivery in Tsivenda. And yes, each of the vocalists delivers well on the project.

“African Queen” was well promoted with a few songs before the album dropped. The song “Ghanama” particularly made a lot of buzzes before the album was released. It started from her publicized fight with King Monada to kicking him off the song and doing it herself. “Tchukutsha” featuring Lady Du was also well received when it was released. Other popular songs on the project include “Ghanama”, “Gidimani”, featuring Cassper Nyovest & Mr Brown, “Ma YellowBone”, “Beke Le Beke”, “Salungano”, “Connection”, “Muloro”, and more. The album also focuses on uplifting lyrics, with Makhadzi singing mostly about seeking grace from God. She also goes gaga in some songs while inciting a dance. Of course, this is undeniably the dance album of the year.