DJ Cleo, Kabza De Small, Dj Sumbody, DBN Gogo, Gaba Cannal, Jazzidisciples, Ceega Wa Meropa & Vigro Deep Are Lockdown Mix Download We Suggest (May 2020, Pt. 2)

Lockdown Mix Download Suggestions Pt. 2 (May 2020) features DJ Cleo, Kabza De Small, Dj Sumbody, DBN Gogo, Gaba Cannal, Jazzidisciples, Ceega Wa Meropa, Vigro Deep

Check out Lockdown Mix Download Suggestions Pt. 2 for May 2020 featuring DJ Cleo, Kabza De Small, Dj Sumbody, DBN Gogo, Gaba Cannal, Jazzidisciples, Ceega Wa Meropa & Vigro Deep.

DJ Cleo

If you’re going to have a party and do not invite DJ Cleo to man the decks, then you’re not sure you’re ready to turn up. Like some of the highly acclaimed DJs in the country, DJ Cleo has a reputation that precedes him. His confidence first gets you before his talent blows you away.

Literally everyone knows that to pull off a great show as a disc jockey, you need both virtues in large quantities. Certainly, DJ Cleo has got a lot of that. The Mzansi disc jockey previously released the Lockdown House Party Mix and blew everyone’s minds.

Of course we knew he was that good, but he came with a fire we couldn’t resist. He’s one DJ that lives through his beats, so much that it’s almost his very heartbeat playing. You might want to choose this if you’re looking to have an energy vibe all through.

Amapiano Mix 2020 Lockdown | Kabza De Small | Gaba Cannal | Jazzidisciples

So here’s another fun one. Amapiano’s finest; Kabza De Small, Gaba Cannal and JazziDisciples all in one mix. Crazy right?

Just expect the roof to cave in because this is just too much to handle. With Amapiano still rearing it’s head in a very competitive market in Mzansi, its captains have been doing their best to push the sound as far as possible.

The Amapiano lockdown mix features some of the best music from Kabza, Gaba, and the JazziDisciples. The three have a huge reputation for always delivering the best music to the airwaves and at parties. Their contributions to the Amapiano campaign is undeniable. So, to have them in one mix is just what Mzansi needs.

This will definitely be a great vibe anywhere it plays. Packed full with the best music from all three acts, there is certainly no dull moment with this. We all know how formidable the songs are on the charts, and how much the dancefloor comes alive when Amapiano plays.

If you’re going to vibe to this one then you might want to get your dancing shoes on because it will be an incredible party. There may be rumours about it but Amapiano is not fading out anytime soon.

Ceega Wa Meropa – Lockdown Mix Volume 1

Here’s another really good one. Ceega Wa Meropa’s Lockdown Mix Volume 1. By the way, how do you like your mixes served? If you like them with a certain kind of energy that cannot be rivaled, then Ceega’s Lockdown Mix Volume 1 is certainly the choice to make.

You may or may not have noticed this but this is a man who is dedicated to his work as a disc jockey. He’s pledged to keep people on their feet vibing to good music, and he’s done hist that since we have known him. With this mix, he upped his game a little higher and delivered in the best possible way.

The Meropa Sessions king is no new coming to dropping mixes that bore the mind. Every mox he creates works with our need to turn up. He surely deserves all the hype he can get. With this mix, he gives Mzansi peeps an opportunity to have fun within the comfort of their homes.

The mix gives one a sense of an actual party, and that’s particularly what we need right now. If you’re going to go with this, then you’ll have to bust some serious moves. No one stands still when Ceega takes the stand, it’s unheard of.

Ceega – Lockdown Facebook Live show 5 (Classic Mix) Part 2 Of 2

It hasn’t been long since Ceega hosted the “Lockdown Facebook Live Show 5” and earned massive respect from both his fans and followers. Later on, he dropped the Live Show’s Classic mix for fans to enjoy from within their homes anytime they want to.

This here is another great suggestion you might want to capitalize on. First off, it comes with that Live feel, which gives the impression that it’s an ongoing mix. Of course no one wants to feel like they’re playing old mixes to keep themselves happy. This one actually comes with a vibey atmosphere which of course is priceless.

Ceega always proves himself everytime he mans the Decks. With years of party hosting to his credit, he usually just lets his audience lose themselves to the ambience while he takes them on a journey. Of course, it is usually one to remember.

The Lockdown Facebook Live Show (Classic Mix) would definitely be a great choice if you are planning on having a great time with family. Ceega never disappoints, and he definitely pulled off a great show on this one. All you’ll need is an impressive sound system, a couple of refreshments then you’re good to go.

DBN Gogo 2 hour Live Set at Moja Cafe

Now here’s the woman of the year. If anyone has managed to take their name from what it used to be to a whole other level, it’s DBN Gogo. While others have faded out in the lockdown, she’s risen flawlessly, and taken her place as the goto source for good entertainment.

She previously performed at 2 hour Live set at Moja Cafe and it was an absolute vibe. If you didn’t see it, you’re in luck. You might just want to choose it for your own playing whenever you want. The female Mzansi DJ turned things up with this set, and raised the bars really high.

We all can’t denied how impressive she has been since the lockdown began. It seems she gets better each time she plays, and you can tell she’s having a lot of fun just making people happy. The 2 hour Live set comes with top notch music and a great atmosphere to just vibe to.

Who said you can’t have fun while you’re indoors. Well, DBN Gogo Gogo dished a platform to start your evenings. That’s if you’re interested. If you’ve followed her work, then you know this isn’t different from what she’s used to. She always delivers.

DJ Vigro Deep Lockdown Mix 10 May 2020

Here comes Mzansi’s baby boy doing what we love him for. Vigro Deep is not just a great disc jockey, he’s also got a mind that crafts great music and delivers it perfectly well for his fans to enjoy. You would certainly agree if you’re an avid follower of his music and mind blowing performances.

Vigro’s Lockdown Mix 10 May 2020 is barely 10 days old but it’s that kind of mix that leaves you wanting more. You only have to play it to understand what we mean. The Mzansi disc jockey has been in the process of dropping his upcoming album “Rise Of A Baby Boy”, and still found time to create and deliver this beautiful masterpieces.

Everyone who hears this would definitely find it to cater to their taste. The mix is specially made for anyone with a party spirit to vibe to from the comfort of their homes. Of course, if anyone is going to perfectly craft a great mix for fans to enjoy, it’s Vigro Deep.

Mzansi really hit the jackpot with this one. He made the mix exactly what it should be; beautiful, vibey, energetic and fun. Your neighbours might even dance along if you decide to go with this.

Dj Sumbody & The lowkeys Lockdown Party (Quarantine)

Here’s another really good one, “DJ Sumbody & The Lowkeys Lockdown Party (quarantine)”. We doubt that you would want any introduction to this one because DJ Sumbody is not to a stranger when it comes to creating good mixes. However, we’ll still tell you what you’ll be missing if you’re thinking about passing on it.

On his own, DJ Sumbody is a whole vibe, but with The Lowkeys, he’s a whole other level of entertaining. When The Lockdown Party (Quarantine) mix dropped, we and a ton of people went nuts. Not just for how good it was, but also because they complemented each other’s work.

This would be a great choice to go with based on the reputation both acts have built as certified hit makers. It is a sure jam that will keep your on your feet right from the moment it starts playing up until it ends. They practically just had fun with it, and so will you if you decide to go with it.

Just as its title implies, it is specially made for a lockdown party. So, if you’re tired of being indoors and need something to raise your spirit, then this is the right mix for you.

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