MTN Data, Phone & Laptop Contract Deals, Upgrade & Customer Care Contacts

MTN, a top player in South Africa’s telecoms sector, offers several deals and contracts to cater to the needs of disparate strata of the society, from the high-flying executive to the concierge in the basement. So, whatever you station in life right now, rest assured MTN has got something to offer you from its bouquet. Are you ready for them? Come along, then.

This post leads you through the services of MTN South Africa: data deals, laptop deals, phone contracts, and the customer care contacts of the telecom service provider, and more.

Creating An MTN Profile

Like other telecom service providers, MTN provides customers an avenue to create a profile on its network in order to have access to a bouquet of services.

However, unlike rival Vodacom, creating an account with MTN takes much longer, a process which might appear cumbersome to some people.

With MTN, registration takes three steps. In the first step, you have to fill out your name, password (and confirm it), email (and alternative email (optional)), phone number then click the “Next” button.  The page looks like this.

Having completed step 1, you are led to step 2. Here you have to fill out the one-time password (OTP) MTN sent to the phone number used when you completed step 1. Input the password and click the “Next” button. The page looks like this.

Then you are led to step3. Complete this step as well then follow up with the final step to complete the process. Congratulations, you now have an MTN profile.

MTN Data Deals

MTN claims fast and reliable connectivity on its network. It offers home wi-fi as well as plans tailored for personal use.

MTN Home Wi-Fi Plans

MTN home Wi-Fi plans are ideal for families or individuals with extremely high usage. Either way, you get to experience the network, as well as great bonuses (access at night to the same data volume as your subscription). See the chart below.

Plan Minutes SMSs Data
MTN Made For Home 75GB 75GB Anytime Data
+75GB Night Express
MTN Made For Home 110GB 110GB Anytime Data
+110GB Night Express
MTN Made For Home 200GB 200GB Anytime Data
+200GB Night Express

As you can see from the chart, the home wi-fi plan offers no access to calls and sms.

Since the wi-fi plan costs more, it is advisable to determine your home is in an area with strong network coverage. You can determine this by checking MTN network coverage map.

My MTN Choice Data Deal

If you are not a heavy user, you might want to settle for choice data plans and pay less accordingly. The table below should aid your choice. This choice does not include sms and calls.

Plans Minutes SMS’s Data Includes
My MTNChoice 500MB 500MB Anytime Data and Night Express
My MTNChoice 1GB 1GB Anytime Data and Night Express
My MTNChoice 2GB 2GB Anytime Data and Night Express
My MTNChoice 3GB 3GB Anytime Data and Night Express
My MTNChoice 5GB 5GB Anytime Data and Night Express
My MTNChoice 10GB 10GB Anytime Data and Night Express
My MTNChoice 20GB 20GB Anytime Data and Night Express

MTN Made For Me

If you are looking for a deal that comes with sms allowance and call time, MTN Made For Me is the ideal choice. A key attraction of this plan is that it gives you the liberty to design it the way you like. Sounds grand?

To create your MTN Made For Me Deal, simply head here. Before then you may want to check out part of the deal in the table below

The asterisk (*) indicates the deal gives you access to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Showmax, Deezer or Simfy Africa and DStv Now every month for the rest of the year.

My MTNChoice

My MTNChoice is another great data plan on the MTN network, offering a mix of data, call credit, and SMS. Coming with no bonuses, this plan might strike some people as dry. But then you get what you pay for. See the chart below.

As should be obvious from the chart, the plan is ideal for smartphones.


MTN Sky is another plan that might interest you. It is symbolic in that it mirrors the infinity of the sky, offering unlimited (uncapped) data, calls, and SMS. According to MTN, voice and SMS are subject to fair usage policy. Data is subject to a fair usage policy of 25GB and 100GB respectively. See the chart below.

To buy a data bundle, dial *136*2#

To find out your data balance, dial *136*1#

To cancel your data purchase, dial *136*5#

MTN Phone and Laptop Deals

MTN offers phone and laptop deals for the smart folk. The deals cover products from brand like Apple, CAT, HP, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Nokia, Samsung, Hisense, and ZTE. The deals page, accessible here, looks like this:

Clicking on a brand reveals the deals available, laptop, or smartphone, or both.

MTN Deal



MTN Lenovo Deal


MTN Huawei Deal

MTN Hisense Deal

MTN Nokia Deal

MTN Samsung Deal 

MTN Upgrades

MTN offers upgrades in three easy steps. First, you choose a plan, then you choose a phone, and then you confirm your deal.

To determine if you are eligible for upgrade, you can visit MTN upgrade page here. There you have to input your phone number to determine your eligibility. Fill in the number and click on “Check Upgrade.”

The page looks like this:

According to MTN, if you are on a 24-month contract, you are eligible for an upgrade on the 21st month. If you want to check your eligibility for an upgrade but don’t want to go online and use the eligibility tool, from your MTN line, simply text “Upgrade” (without quotes) to 30630. You will get a reply on your eligibility.

Looking for the right device for you? Well, MTN is ready and eager to help. If you have confirmed you are eligible for an upgrade, simply head to MTN’s online shop, which boosts of many devices from which you should be able to make a choice.

Having locating an MTN shop? Just use this tool. Problem solved!

MTN Customer Care Contacts

Like any other serious company out there, MTN South Africa offers several means of getting in touch to its clients. There is a contact for, accessible here, which you can fill online. Note that the form will only submit only if you tap the box and indicate you are not a robot.

To contact customer care service directly on phone, simply dial 135 from your MTN line. From other networks, dial 083135

If you prefer email, you can send an email to the customer care unit at

Customers on any MTN contract can contact the same phone number and email given above. However, customers who want to report fraud may only  the numbers given above, or send an email to

MTN South Africa has a robust online presence, so you can reach out to the company via its social media channels as well.

MTN South Africa Twitter

MTN South Africa Facebook

MTN South Africa Instagram

MTN South Africa YouTube

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