What’s The Beef With Davido, Burna Boy, Wizkid? Here Is The Full Club Fight Inside-Story

Just recently, Davido and Burna Boy popped at the top of the trends. But it wasn’t over the release of fresh music. Far from it. The two were alleged to have gotten into an altercation at a nightclub in Ghana.

What exactly went down at the club? Why were the two celebrated artistes in crisis? Was there a beef between the two before then? The questions are many. Come along.

Somehow, because Wizkid was at the same club when Davido and Burna boy had an altercation, his name has been popping in the tales of the crisis circulating online. A video had been shared online showing Wizkid focusing on his drink while Davido stormed out of the club, apparently after his altercation with Burna Boy.

A look into history shows that there was apparently a beef between Burna Boy and Davido before the club incident, but it wasn’t particularly pronounced. It only gained national resonance following the club hullaballoo.

The beef between Davido and Burna Boy alleged started when Davido shared a photoshopped image of him and Wizkid together, describing the two of them as the greatest of all time.

Burna Boy, who was unimpressed with Davido’s opinion on who the GOAT in Nigerian music is, threw a shade at Davido, indirectly, stating that the “Blow My Mind” singer has not talent but only became famous because of his billionaire father’s influence.

Not done, in August this year, when he released his “Twice As Tall” album, he apparently took a shot at Davido in the song “Way Too Big,” in which he sang: “I’m way too big to be f***ing with you.”

Davido fired back in his song “Fem,” which translates to “Shut up” in Yoruba. In the song, he had claimed the title “Odogwu,” which Burna Boy had long appropriated via a song of the same title.

Not much has transpired between the two artistes until their recent altercation at a club in Ghana. It was reported that the two had a faceoff at Club Twist, but the management of the company issued a statement denying it.

In the statement, the management claimed that Club Twist was closed at the time of the incident because of lockdown restrictions by the Ghanaian government. The management is adamant the incident actually took place at Level Up Rooftop Lounge, which is housed in the same premises as Club Twist.

However, the club management wasn’t forthcoming on whether the two afrobeat champs actually exchanged fists at Level Up Rooftop Lounge.

Following the faceoff, Davido had reportedly announced he was quitting music. This provoked a vehement outcry from his fans. Thereafter he had shared a photo of him on Instagram, making it clear he is not quitting music for anyone. Fans and celebs alike were in the comment section of the post to hail him for his volte-face.

Wizkid is caught in the tiff triangle between the duo because he was at the same club at the time and simply minded his business (sipped from a bottle of wine). Some fans – including Wizkid’s ex-girlfriend – are suggesting the songster decided to mind his business because he doesn’t like stress. They cite his “No Stress” song from his “Made In Lagos” album as evidence.

Wizkid may have chosen to mind his business because he is a notable rival to Davido as well.

When Wizkid released his “Made In Lagos” album this year, he worked with Burna Boy on one of the songs. He didn’t feature Davido. On his part, Davido had once stated he tried reaching out to Wizkid for a collaboration, but the “Ojuelegba” champ shunned him.

Are there aspects of the crisis between Davido and Burna boy you think we left out? You might want to share that with us in the comment section below.

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