Who Is Nelli Tembe, Here is What We Know About AKA’s New Girlfriend


Nelli Tembe. There you have the name of AKA’s latest girlfriend and replacement to DJ Zinhle. Many didn’t know about here until a picture of AKA kissing her at a party surfaced online.

The picture apparently had the opposite effect. Instead of AKA denouncing whoever invaded his privacy and leaked the picture of that osculatory display, he thanked the person. Cleanly, at that point, he didn’t care if the world knew about his relationship with Nelli or not.

AKA, DJ Zinhle & New Girlfriend Speculations:

His indifference made some fans to accuse him of humiliating DJ Zinhle. Well, AKA’s defence was that the relationship with the mother of his daughter Kairo didn’t work out, so he had to move on. According to him, he had been single since 2019.

In all of this Nelli Tembe had been the quiet one. In her relationship with AKA, she had been pretty private.

What Does Nelli Tembe Do For Job (Occupation)

Not much is known about Nelli Tembe’s family. But as a person, she is known as a socialite in Durban.

Nelli Tembe & Drake Relationship:

Before her relationship with AKA, back in 2016, she was rumored to have dated the Canadian rapper Drake.

A picture of them together is currently circulating online. However, neither Drake nor Nelli Tembe had confirmed they date in the past, and it is hard to determine if the photo of them together is real or photoshopped.

Who Is Nelli Tembe, Here Is What We Know About Aka'S New Girlfriend 2Who Is Nelli Tembe, Here Is What We Know About Aka'S New Girlfriend 3Who Is Nelli Tembe, Here Is What We Know About Aka'S New Girlfriend 4

Anyway, Nelli Tembe has completely embraced her new man AKA. Both apparently have great physical chemistry, as should be evident from AKA’s first Tik Tok video, which showed Nelli Tembe in the kitchen and then gyrating alongside AKA. You can read the story here.

In fact, AKA is adamant that falling in love with Nelli Tembe, who is the youngest sister of actress Nondumiso Tembe, is one of the best decisions of his life. He even encouraged anyone who cares to listen to go seek a younger lover.

Who Is Nelli Tembe, Here Is What We Know About Aka'S New Girlfriend 5

In an industry where most ladies are too keen to let the world know about their lives and the fact they are dating one of the country’s most desirable men, Nelly Tembe is pretty private about her life. In fact, her Instagram page is private.

As AKA had made apparent earlier, he loves her that way – her keeping her life private. Clearly, then, Nelli Tembe has nothing to worry about.

How Old Is Nelli Tembe (Age):

The age difference between AKA and Nelli Tembe is about 11 years: AKA is 32 and Nelli Tembe is 21 years old. The age gap has been a subject of discussion among AKA fans, with some of them insisting the relationship wouldn’t last because of that.

Nelli Tembe wouldn’t entertain such thoughts or even a discussion. Her focus now is having the time of her life with the man she had fallen in love with.

Apparently AKA offended her about a month back. He would apologize later, gifting her a Louis Vuitton bag and flowers.

Who Is Nelli Tembe, Here Is What We Know About Aka'S New Girlfriend 6

Nelli Tembe is probably the first person AKA has dated who isn’t a celebrity. His previous girlfriends, Bonang Matheba and DJ Zinhle, were both famous.

When AKA informed the world he had the novel coronavirus, he noted that Nelli Tembe was by his side. And she apparently remained by his side till he recovered. He acknowledged her in an Instagram post announcing a documentary on his journey with and recovery from the virus. You can check it out below.

Nelli is from Durban and she have been able to keep her private life out of the public eye, she maintains her private life even though she is now dating one of SA’s biggest hip-hop artists, her Instagram profile remains private with less than 10k followers. How long Nelli Tembe elects to remain private about her life will probably unravel in the coming months. We will be right here, of course, to bring you the scoop.

Are AKA & Nelli Tembe Engaged?:

Yes AKA propose to the girlfriend on the 21st of February 2021 but did not confirm it until the following day when he posted a picture of the engagement ring he used to propose on his social media pages. You can read more about it here

Who Is Nelli Tembe, Here Is What We Know About Aka'S New Girlfriend 7

To follow up on the couple’s journey, follow their stories here.

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