Engaged: DJ Zinhle Trends As AKA Gives New Girlfriend Nelli An Engagement Ring

Zinhle is trending in Mzansi but not for the best of reasons – at least it isn’t for a reason she would want to.

She is trending because has apparently given his latest girlfriend an engagement ring. Not only did he give her that ring, he flaunted a picture of rocking the ring.

and Zinhle have a daughter, Kairo, together. The pair has had an on again and off again relationship. They were lovers, then they broke up. They made up again and broke up again. And then had been photographed frolicking with Nelli.

Instead of swearing at the person who shared the picture of him and Nelli, he thanked the person and then made it clear he and Nelli are an item – as the saying goes.

Ditched a second time, Zinhle focused on her work and soon found love again in the arms of fellow  muso Murda Bongz.

With flaunting Nelli’s engagement ring, Mzansi socai media was set on fire. Some fans felt sorry for Zinhle, thinking AKA didnt treat her as well as he is treating Nelli. Others mere congratulated AKA on his heart move. What Do you think?