Brendan Peyper – Op Jou Spoor

Afrikaans singer Brendan Peyper is out with another tune in the same genre, “Op Jou Spoor,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, South Africa’s premier music and entertainment destination.

Brendan Peyper, who plays the guitar, is one of the leading Afrikaans voices out there. For those not conversant with the man and his work, “Op Jou Spoor” should serve as a fine introduction.

The song, while not his finest, promises a fine musical experience that is at once delightful and memorable. To listen to this song is to want to check out what else Brendan Peyper has put out there – or plans to put out there.

Prior to the release of “Op Jou Spoor,” the songster had treated fans to several numbers, including “Vasdanslyf,” “Trouvrou” and “Reggae Medley.”

Brendan Peyper might be counte among the finest Afrikaans voices out there, so your interest tilts towards that direction, you may want to look in the way of his previous records, as well as the one re

Well, do you share our delight in Brendan Peyper’s “Op Jou Spoor” song? How would you rate it? You may want to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Brendan Peyper – Op Jou Spoor

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