Malumz on Decks – Aluta Ft. Mbali Malimela

It’s time for a freedom chant or a semblance of it as Malumz on Decks erupts with “Aluta,” a number for which he tapped the vocal resources of Mbali Malimela. The result of their collaboration is as charming as can be, and we are sure it will not struggle to have fans.

For one, the message embedded in this song is one just about any soul can relate with. A man alive is in one struggle or the other, although they might not articulate it for the world to know.

Malumz on Decks provides an avenue for the listener to see himself in the light of his struggles, which might take different hues. There is optimism latent in being alive, for there is the possibility circumstances can be changed.

For now, in whatever struggles you might find yourself in, you have “Aluta” to see you through it. Your call, mate.

Malumz on Decks – Aluta

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