Justin99 – Phonela ft. Pcee

Pcee and Justin99 have teamed up for their latest amapiano hit, “Phonela.” This collaboration combines their talents to deliver a captivating and energetic track that’s sure to resonate with fans.

The song kicks off with a mesmerizing melody featuring Pcee’s signature synth work and Justin99’s intricate percussion patterns. The result is a hypnotic blend of amapiano’s characteristic beats and innovative electronic soundscapes, serving as a powerful reminder of the importance of staying connected.

“Phonela” highlights the potential of amapiano in the electronic music scene and proves that Pcee and Justin99’s collaboration is a winning combination. The two are responsible for several hits on the airwaves, including “Makaveli” with Djy Biza, “Yahyuppiyah” with Uncle Waffles, and more.

The “Yahyuppiyah” collab with Uncle Waffles has been a viral jam on social media. It was officially released with Waffles’ latest project, “Asylum.” Check the new song “Phonela” out below. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice.


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