MusiholiQ – Ngifuna Ukuba Ft. Nolly M & Inkosi Yamagcokama

South African musician MusiholiQ croons “Ngifuna Ukuba,” a song for which he tapped the vocal resources of compatriots Nolly M and Inkosi Yamagcokama. It’s a meeting of champions and disparate voices from different genres.

Here., if you please, hip hop meets maskanda. The difference between both genres is unmistakable. But then there’s no conflict in the mix here. On the contrary, the three musicians on the song did great as a team. This much should be apparent to you presently.

“Ngifuna Ukuba” is not a solo drop but part of a project the songster promised to release this weekend. He kept to that promise, and now fans can immerse themselves in a musical experience that’s at once relatable and memorable.

This may not be the best song we have heard so far this week, but we rate it enough to find a place for it on our playlist. You’re welcome to do the same.

MusiholiQ – Ngifuna Ukuba Ft. Nolly M & Inkosi Yamagcokama

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