Spet Error & DJ Cleo Remix DJ C-Live’s Potential Feat. Aymos & Gobi Beast

It’s Friday and the party has begun with great “Potential,” courtesy of DJ C-Live, Aymos and Gobi Beast. The troika’s song has just been remixed by DJ Cleo and DJ Spet Error.

“Potential (Spet Error & DJ Cleo Remix) ” is out just on time – a song that will drive you leisurely into a fine weekend. If you’re a fan of the out of doors and convivial gatherings, you’ve got in this song a song that aligns with your temperament.

This track isn’t Spet Error & DJ Cleo’s first collaborative joint, but we gladly count it among their most engaging yet. This much should be obvious to you present, assuming you’re conversant with their previous works. You might want to check out Spet Error’s remix of DJ Cleo’s “Hands Up.”

“Potential (DJ CLeo & Spet Error Remix” lives up to its title on many levels. For one, it is a song with enormous potential – a song that just about anyone can relate with. So we see Mzansi embracing it seriously and for a long time, too.

How would you rate the song on a scale of 0 to 10? You may want to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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