2woBunnies – AmaPiano Forecast Live DJ Mix

Popular Piano duo 2woBunnies has returned to the scene with the new “AmaPiano Forecast Live DJ Mix.”

You may have noticed that many DJs have been booked like crazy this year. 2woBunnies has been delivering impressive sets and thrilling fans on the decks. The Mzansi duo has returned with another stunning mix.

The last time we saw them, they lent a hand to Privs3, Xola TSM, and DBN Gogo on the song “Uweeeh 2.0.” They also teamed up with Cyfred as a featured act in “AK47” by Sayfar. Alongside TheBoyTapes, Jay Slayz and DBN Gogo dropped “Terminator.” Their entries have all been impressive.

The duo is back with a new mix. It is titled “AmaPiano Forecast Live DJ Mix,” and they did a fantastic job on it. You don’t want to pass on this. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add the song to a playlist of your choice.

AmaPiano Forecast Live DJ Mix

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