Bantwanas – Musa Ft. Sino Msolo

Muso Bantwanas erupts with “Musa,” a song for which he tapped the vocal resources of fellow South African Sino Msolo.

Bantwanas might not be a regular on our orbit, but we love what he has put together with Sino Msolo. We don’t know the two as having a long collaborative history. But then, the potency of their collaboration indicates one need not have a long collaborative history with another artist to create a number worth the laytime.

“Musa” might not be the finest number we have listened to so far this week, but it is a memorable tune regardless. The number draws you into its orbit and keeps you there. It is a place you would love to be in though. So no qualms,

Find out at your leisure or do that right away. Either way, your spirit will thank you for feeding it with a glass of “Musa.” Lol.


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