Black Motion & Osaze – Please Stay Ft. Bucie

Black Motion & Osaze – Please Stay Ft. Bucie

In a move that will gladden the heart of their fans, South African boy band Black Motion returns with a number dubbed “Please Stay,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, South Africa’s premier music hub.

The group had a disagreement in the past, leading to a separation and a little drama, accusations and counter-accusations. And many had sadly given up on them being a team and releasing music again.

But here they are. The duo of Murdah Bongz and Thabo Smol – who make up Black Motion – have most likely realized that they are better off as partners putting music together. So they linked up again. The result is an album appropriately titled “Rebirth of the Drum.”

From that body of work is taken the song “Please Stay.” Well, wouldn’t you rather stay and listen to that song right now? Best believe you are in for a wonderful musical experience.

Please Stay

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