CocoSA – Loosing My Mind ft. King Deetoy, Elaine & Blxckie

CocoSA's "Loosing My Mind": A Lyrical Dive into Emotion and Collaboration

CocoSA – Loosing My Mind ft. King Deetoy, Elaine & Blxckie

Featuring King Deetoy, Elaine, and Blxckie, the track resonates with fans

South African music has seen a surge of talent, and CocoSA is no exception. Recently, the singer-songwriter unveiled his much-anticipated single, “Loosing My Mind,” which has already garnered significant attention from fans and critics alike. The track, which features the likes of King Deetoy, Elaine, and Blxckie, is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the African music scene.

Diving into the lyrical content, “Loosing My Mind” is more than just a song; it’s an emotional journey. The lyrics, combined with the soulful voices of the artists, create a soundscape that resonates with feelings of longing, love, and the complexities of human emotions. The collaboration with King Deetoy, Elaine, and Blxckie adds depth to the song, each artist bringing their unique flavor, making the track a rich blend of sounds and sentiments.

However, while the song is undoubtedly a hit, it’s not without its criticisms. Some might argue that the track could benefit from a more varied instrumental or that certain sections feel repetitive. But these critiques are minor when looking at the bigger picture of what the song represents and the impact it has had.

The release was not just limited to audio platforms. A video on YouTube titled “Loosing My Mind” under the label CocoSA Records further amplifies the song’s reach. The visuals, combined with the poignant lyrics, make for an immersive experience, further solidifying CocoSA’s position in the music industry.

The song’s is off CocoSA’s Extended Play project titled “Healing Through Music EP.” This indicates that fans can expect more soul-stirring tracks from the artist.

“Loosing My Mind” is more than just a song; it’s a reflection of CocoSA’s artistry, his ability to collaborate, and his knack for creating music that resonates. As the South African music scene continues to evolve, artists like CocoSA are at the forefront, pushing boundaries and setting new standards.