Dalom Kids – Ndincedeni

Dalom Kids – Ndincedeni

Dalom Kids returns to UbeToo, your got-place for all things South African music and entertainment, with a number dubbed “Ndincedeni,” which also happens to be the title of the album from which it is taken.

Contrary to the image the band projects with its name, Dalom Kids, it is actually not a kid’s affair. The group actually comprises three adult females, who not only look good together but happen to make a fierce collaborative team as well.

The musical synergy between them should be apparent in “Ndincedeni” the song, as well as the album of the same title. “Ndincedeni” is a song of understated elegance and power – a number that we are sure will not struggle to have fans.

Whatever your musical leanings, we are more than confident you will have no regrets about deciding to vibe to this number. Wouldn’t you rather take our challenge right now? Let the music begin.