DJ Coach, Big Zulu, Lady Du, Soa Mattrix & Toshi – The King of Ewallet, Pt. 2

DJ Coach, Big Zulu, Lady Du, Soa Mattrix & Toshi link up for a new compilation dubbed “The King of Ewallet, Pt. 2,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, South Africa’s premier music destination.

This album encapsulates exactly five tracks, beginning with “Ufunabani” and ending with “Midrand Funk,” Between those are tracks like “Alaziwa,” “Yini Ngalaba,” and an eponymous track, The likes of Al Xapo, Xduppy, BoontleRSA and Kay T Direct were co-opted as guests. We admit they made a good team.

One thing you can be assured about this compilation is that it will fill not with money but with the energy to luxuriate in the moment and get from it whatever you desire. Yes. A beautiful listening experience is assured here, and we want you not to let it pass.

Now, go ahead and tap that play button and experience the power of “The King of Ewallet, Pt. 2.” No qualms.

The King of Ewallet, Pt. 2


  1. DJ Coach & Big Zulu – Ufunabani ft. Al Xapo, Xduppy, BoontleRSA & Kay T Direct
  2. DJ Coach & Soa Mattrix – Alaziwa ft. Toshi
  3. DJ Coach, DJ Ace & Lady Du – Ewallet 2.0 ft. Vicent ST
  4. DJ Coach, BoontleRSA & Optimist Music ZA – Yini Ngalaba ft. Al Xapo & K.O.B SA
  5. DJ Coach & Soa Mattrix – Midrand Funk

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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