DJ Maphorisa – Konka Live Mix (14 July 2023)

DJ Maphorisa Reveals That People Thought He Was Crazy for Pushing Amapiano Amid Exploitation Accusations

DJ Maphorisa has come through with the “Konka Live Mix (14 July 2023).”

Every time he makes a move, Mzansi moves with him. DJ Maphorisa is one person who stays ahead in the game. He is responsible for bringing a lot of great talent to Mzansi and blessing the airwaves with several massive tunes.

Pory recently took to Twitter to ask for a way to book Emtee. The “Brand New Day” star returned to the platform to announce he had finally spoken to Porry. We have all been wondering what the two will be doing together. Porry has returned to the scene with something new.

He has dropped the “Konka Live Mix (14 July 2023).” Knowing him, it is obvious the mix will be a huge hit. The weekend may be far but you can jam to this. Check the mix out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist for the week.

Konka Live Mix (14 July 2023)

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