Dj Melzi – Cowboy Album

DJ Melzi teams up with Moukz and Spitjo88 to release a new album titled “Cowboy.”

One of the best things about the weekend is that we get to enjoy new albums from some of our faves. DJ Melzi is a firecracker who always gets the party lit when he drops something new. The famous hitmaker is back with a new album.

He has made a couple of moves this year, and they’ve all paid off. We knew he had something coming when he teamed up with Moukz and Spitjo88 and released “Cowboy VIII (Rekere).” It was a good offering. He also enlisted the talents of Mzu M, MKeyz, and Da-Ish to release “uVele.”

Returning to the scene, DJ Melzi teamed up with Moukz and Spitjo88 and released the “Cowboy” album. It houses 16 tracks that you should hear. Check the songs out below and add them to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

Cowboy Album


  1. Cowboy I
  2. Cowboy II (Scorpio)
  3. Cowboy VIII (Rekere)
  4. Cowboy XIII
  5. Cowboy IX (Change Down)
  6. Cowboy IV
  7. Cowboy XV
  8. Cowboy V
  9. Cowboy VI (Drunk Cowboy)
  10. Cowboy VII (strata jo)
  11. Cowboy XVI (Tech Mondays)
  12. Cowboy III (MMS)
  13. Cowboy XII
  14. Cowboy V8 (angaz at this point)
  15. Cowboy (Childish Boy)
  16. Cowboy XI (Slow Drum)


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