Enosoul – Buyisela Ft. Dearson & Rhey Osborne

Enosoul – Buyisela Ft. Dearson & Rhey Osborne

South African House Record Producer, EnoSoul, has unveiled his latest musical offering titled “Buyisela,” captivating fans and critics alike. The track, which features the vocal talents of Dearson and Rhey Osborne, was released on October 27, 2023, under the In2Deep Records label.

The song “Buyisela” is a testament to EnoSoul’s musical genius and his ability to seamlessly blend various musical elements. The track is not just a follow-up to his previous project “In2Deep Volume 8 Album” but stands out as a unique piece in its own right.

The collaboration with Dearson and Rhey Osborne adds a fresh dimension to the song, with their vocals complementing EnoSoul’s signature sound. The track is available for streaming on major platforms, including Apple Music, where fans have been showing their appreciation through streams and positive feedback.

EnoSoul’s consistent delivery of hits has solidified his position in the South African music scene. With “Buyisela,” he continues to showcase his versatility and commitment to producing quality music. As the track gains momentum, it’s clear that EnoSoul, along with Dearson and Rhey Osborne, has another hit on their hands.