Jay Sax – Tibute 2 Lucy Ft. DJ Stokie

Jay Sax Collaborates with DJ Stokie in "TIBUTE 2 LUCY" An Enchanting Addition to the "TATIANA" Album

South African singer-songwriter, Jay Sax, has unveiled a captivating new track titled “TIBUTE 2 LUCY,” adding another gem to his “TATIANA” album. This song stands out as a testament to Jay Sax’s musical brilliance and his ability to craft melodies that deeply resonate with listeners.

The track, “TIBUTE 2 LUCY,” is a harmonious blend of Jay Sax’s signature melodies and soulful vocals. The song offers listeners an immersive experience, with its captivating beats and memorable hooks that compel one to move to its rhythm.

Adding to the allure of “TIBUTE 2 LUCY” is the collaboration with the award-winning superstar, DJ Stokie. DJ Stokie’s distinctive style and powerful presence infuse the song with an added layer of depth, enhancing its overall appeal. The synergy between Jay Sax and DJ Stokie is evident, resulting in a track that is both refreshing and resonant.

For those eager to indulge in this melodic journey, “TIBUTE 2 LUCY” by Jay Sax featuring DJ Stokie is available for listening and promises to be a delightful experience for all music enthusiasts.

Tibute 2 Lucy

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