Jumbo – Siyabonga EP

It is time for a jumbo musical offering, if you please. Okay, we only meant that Soutyh African gospel artist Jumbo has just dropped a new body of work dubbed “Siyabonga” EP, which is available for your streaming pleasure here on UbeToo.

Jumbo is no regular on our orbit, but as he shows again and again, he is pretty good when it comes to upliftining the soul with his releases. His latest compilation stands as a sterling example – a body of work that snags attention in no time and carries the lsuitener along until its shattering end.

While we wouldn’t call this the finest from the songster yet, we readily admit it is one memorable drop that cannot be missed in the repositoey of his works. You are welcome to find out for yourself the power embedded in what he has just released. The spiritual pleaure is unlikely something you would forget in a hurry.

Jumbo – Siyabonga EP


  1. Jumbo – Siyabonga
  2. Jumbo – Solomon
  3. Jumbo – Umthwalo Wami
  4. Jumbo – Makabongwe uJesu
This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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