King Temoso – Beautiful Jam

King Temoso – Beautiful Jam

When a musician titles a song “Beautiful Jam,” he invariably burdens himself with actually having to fulfil the title of the track. And he’d most likely be roasted if the song isn’t as beautiful as amplified in the title.

So what has King Temoso done with his “Beautiful Jam” tune?

Well, it might be said that the number actually merits the title on more counts than one. It’s a pleasure to the ears and created a musical experience that many would love to embrace and share with others as well. Not bad.

While he is not exactly the most regular on our orbit, King Temoso has still put together a song worth the playtime that will most likely have people looking out for what next he might drop. Not bad, really.

Wouldn’t you instead join us right now as we vibe to what is currently playing? Best believe you are in for a wonderful time.

Beautiful Jam

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