lordkez – Testament Album

RnB star Lordkez has dropped her highly anticipated debut album “Testament.”

There is one thing that separates RnB singer and songwriter Lordkez from everyone else, and that’s her uniqueness. She takes her listeners through the music with her perfect vocals. The talented singer has just dropped her highly anticipated album.

She started the year with the song “Holy Matrimony,” on which she rode solo. Next, she returned with the Mars Baby Collab “Flowers,” which she labeled the sweetest heartbreak anthem. In all honesty, she didn’t lie. Next, she dropped the Bas collaboration “Enthralled.” Now she’s out with her debut album.

Titled “Testament,” the new album houses twelve tracks and features contributions from Bas, Mars Baby, Shekhinah, Tyler Linkman, and Jelani Blackman. They each did a beautiful job on the album. Check the songs out below to listen to them. Also, add them to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

Testament Album


  1. lordkez – Judas
  2. lordkez – Snow
  3. lordkez & Bas – Enthralled
  4. lordkez – Confessions
  5. lordkez & Mars Baby – Flowers
  6. lordkez & Shekhinah – Water
  7. lordkez & Tyler Linkman – Free Will
  8. lordkez – Empty Temple
  9. lordkez – Beholder
  10. lordkez & Jelani Blackman – Eternity
  11. lordkez – Holy Matrimony
  12. lordkez – Testament

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