Luie V – Sixolele Ft. Qhawekazi

Luie V drops a hit Gqom single titled "Sixolele" featuring TikTok Influencer & Gospel Singer Qhawekazi! prod by Abantu Bethu Fam.

8 April 2022, Cape Town, South Africa Luie V “superstar” has dropped his hot anticipated hit titled “sixolele” featuring TikTok influencer & Gospel Singer Qhawekazi, produced by Cape Town’s young and promising upcoming producers Abantu Bethu Fam.

The song “Sixolele” snippets received amazing love on all social media platforms across the African continent and beyond. Sixolele is an upbeat song that is bound to leave everyone dancing and feeling groovy. It definitely sets the tone to a great vibe and it is a motivational song. The song carries a deep message to all listeners and people will relate to the song on a daily basis. This is a special song because it is a prayer. “it took us months to get the correct concept, it was a matter of prayer until forgiveness came to mind and we moved with it. Ever since we got the first sample, I said this song “Sixolele” is our daily prayers, Says Luie V & Qhawekazi.

The song is a special prayer, begging and asking God to forgive us for all the wrong we have done and that we do on a daily basis. With that said we also begging God to forgive “them” others for they do not know what they are doing. Luie V, believes that asking God for forgiveness is very important and it should be done on a daily basis knowing that we are not perfect. “Sixolele” is there to remind us to pray, forgive, pray for others and to encourage everyone.

Sixolele is a special and unique collaboration in the way the different languages are used and the concept of the song that connects people from different ethnic groups, religion and ages. 

Luie V is an artist who takes pride in exploring all sounds and languages. This Angolan, Portuguese-speaking artist resides in Cape Town. Luie V, is crossing the language barriers and makes explorative moves in the IsiXhosa language. He has explored the language that’s famously known for its clicks with songs like “Superstar”, “Hay suka”, “Solalala” “Lengoma” which topped charts on South Afrcian radio stations.

While we all know Qhawekazi as a TikTok influencer and a vocal artist, we’ve seen her video/song covers contents hitting up to millions of views and half million likes on Tiktok. This is her first song and this feature “song” definitely highlights her ability to take on any sound.

Luie V has been around delivering hit after hit, and collaborated with many renowned artists and producers like: Twinzspin, Tarenzo, Angazz, TDV, Marco, Dlala Ikamva, Veroni and Bravo Le Roux, to mention a few.

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