Ma-E – Play The Long Game EP

We have passed the ra of rap group Teargas, but former band member Ma-E has certainly not run out of gas. This is evident in his sporadic musical interventions, most recently with “Play The Long Game” EP, which you can stream here on UbeToo.

The project is just four tracks long, with guests on all of them. Ma-E started out with “Las’khona,” a collaborative tune with Vernotile, SaiJan K and BosPianii. In the next three tracks, he worked only with BosPianii. But that’s not a complaint.

As you will find out in a bit, he is irreproachable in the choices of those he decided to work with. The results speak for themselves – memorable beats that will that will have you vibing to them in no time.

Whatever your tastes in music, we are confident you will find something in this EP to make you return to it after a first listening session.

Play The Long Game EP


  1. Ma-E – Las’khona (feat. Vernotile, SaiJan K & BosPianii)
  2. Ma-E – Zithande (feat. BosPianii)
  3. Ma-E – Seven Days A Week (feat. BosPianii)
  4. Ma-E – Lento (feat. BosPianii)



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