MellowBone & Josiah De Disciple – The First Chance EP

Mellowbone and Josiah De Disciple Unveil "The First Chance" EP

In a remarkable collaboration, Mellowbone and Josiah De Disciple have unveiled their eagerly awaited joint EP titled “The First Chance.” This release is not just another addition to their discography but marks a pivotal moment in their musical journey, heralding a fresh chapter in the South African music scene.

The EP, consisting of four tracks, is a testament to the duo’s dedication and passion for their craft. Mellowbone, originating from the lively city of Bloemfontein, introduces his distinctive sound and viewpoint, making a notable entry into the mainstream music arena. This release sees him joining forces with the renowned mentor and musical maestro, Josiah De Disciple, who hails from the dynamic township of Alex.

“The First Chance” EP is a bold display of two contrasting talents. While both artists are deeply rooted in the rich musical heritage of South Africa, they come from very different regions. This collaboration presents a harmonious amalgamation of their varied backgrounds, blending Bloemfontein’s soulful melodies with the rhythmic beats characteristic of Alex.

Listeners are treated to a musical odyssey that traverses the essence of South Africa with this EP. From its compelling rhythms to its poignant lyrics, every facet of “The First Chance” echoes the fervor and commitment Mellowbone and Josiah De Disciple have invested in their artistry.

Music aficionados can anticipate a blend of sounds that surpass regional confines, underscoring the universal appeal of exceptional music. With the innovative approach of Mellowbone combined with the seasoned prowess of Josiah De Disciple, “The First Chance” EP is poised to etch a significant mark in the annals of South African music.

The First Chance EP


#Track NameDuration
1Mpelaviki (feat. Kya Lamii & Kiddy Soul)7:01
2Jika (feat. Browdy Brave)7:24
3Skoloto (feat. Calvin Shaw & Log Junior)6:38


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