Pushkin RSA – ZULU ft. AmaQhawe & Philharmonic

Pushkin RSA – ZULU ft. AmaQhawe & Philharmonic

Famous Piano hitmaker Pushkin RSA has come through with a new song titled “ZULU” featuring contributions from AmaQhawe & Philharmonic.

We have all watched Pushkin RSA’s growth on the scene. He has commissioned several hits on the airwaves and continued with this new entry.

The star collaborated with Springle, DJ Givy Baby, Mankay, and Choco Dynasty on the song “MOTO” in August. He also worked with Shaun Stylist, Springle, Jay Jay, and T&T MusiQ on “JJ PHAKATHI.” His collaboration with Springle, Mankay & Choco Dynasty, and T&T Musiq on “Sangena” was also well received. He has commissioned many hits on the airwaves.

Returning to the scene, Pushkin RSA has recruited the talents of AmaQhawe and Philharmonic to feature on his new song titled “ZULU.” Together, they did a fantastic job on the song. Check it out below to listen to it. Also, add the song to a playlist of your choice this weekend.