Mpura – Impilo yase Sandton (Remixes)

Mpura might no longer be on the material plane, but his legacy is still very much alive, and those who know him have been doing what they can to ensure those memories and his legacies are not erased. That in part should explain the release of “Impilo yase Sandton (Remixes)” EP.

Mpura died years ago alongside five others in a car crash. He was reportedly heading to a gig with other musicians at the time their car collided with another, leading to fatalities. When the news of the deaths broke out at the time, many had memorialised them, with Lady Du getting a tattoo dedicated to his memory and the memory of another who died in the wreck.

Well, there is now a remix of the music the songster dropped before his death, and it’s all geared to keep his memory alive. Surely, when people get to hear the late musician’s name again, as well as the numbers he had worked on previously, he somehow gets to live in their hearts again.

“Impilo yase Sandton (Remixes)” EP is a touching compilation and memorable on many levels. It is deserving of a place on a playlist, and we ask you to check it out.

Impilo yase Sandton (Remixes)


  1. Impilo yase Sandton (Amapiano Remix)
  2. Impilo yase Sandton (Afrocentric Remix)
  3. Impilo yase Sandton (Afro Tech Remix)

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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