Mr Thela – Tronics Land Series 2 Album

Mr Thela – Kwandonga Ziyaduma Ft. Njelic

A New Gqom Anthem Enriching the South African Music Scene

Renowned South African Gqom artist Mr Thela has once again captivated the music scene with his latest release, “Kwandonga Ziyaduma,” featuring the talented Njelic. This track is a standout piece from his new album, “Tronics Land Series 2,” which is rapidly gaining acclaim in the Gqom genre.

2023 has been a remarkable year for Mr Thela, who has consistently showcased his prowess in the Gqom music scene. His collaborations and solo projects have resonated deeply with fans. Earlier, he teamed up with Nobantu Vilakazi for the hit track “Imali” and enthralled his audience with solo hits like “Thunderstorm,” “Wetsalang Remake,” and “Sun El Style.” These tracks have not only cemented his place in the industry but have also contributed significantly to the evolution of Gqom music.

Following the success of “Tronics Land Series 1” last year, an album that featured 15 tracks with collaborations from various artists including Assiye Bongzin, Rhass, Boss Nhani, and others, Mr Thela has upped the ante with “Tronics Land Series 2.” This latest album is a collection of 16 tracks, showcasing collaborations with notable artists such as Supta, Thalitha, Obie, Njelic, Leehleza, Kammu Dee, Static, and Mshayi. Each track in this album exemplifies Mr Thela’s unique approach to Gqom, blending traditional rhythms with contemporary beats.

“Kwandonga Ziyaduma,” the newly released song featuring Njelic, is a testament to Mr Thela’s innovative spirit and Njelic’s dynamic vocal prowess. The collaboration has resulted in a track that is not just melodious but also rhythmically compelling, making it a perfect addition to any Gqom playlist.

As “Kwandonga Ziyaduma” gains momentum, it’s clear that Mr Thela’s “Tronics Land Series 2” is set to be a significant milestone in his career and a valuable contribution to the South African music landscape. Fans and new listeners alike are encouraged to dive into this latest offering and experience the vibrant energy of Gqom music.

Kwandonga Ziyaduma