Mr Thela – Silent Killer Ft. Mshayi

Mr Thela Unveils "Silent Killer" from "Tronics Land Series 2" Album

Mr Thela – Tronics Land Series 2 Album

A New Gqom Anthem Featuring Mshayi

Renowned Gqom artist Mr Thela has once again captivated the South African music scene with the release of his latest track, “Silent Killer,” featuring Mshayi. This new offering is a standout track from his freshly released album, “Tronics Land Series 2,” which is rapidly gaining acclaim in the Gqom music community.

Mr Thela, a consistent figure in the Gqom genre, has had a remarkable year filled with significant collaborations and solo successes. His collaboration with Nobantu Vilakazi on the track “Imali” was a notable highlight, alongside his solo ventures such as “Thunderstorm,” “Wetsalang Remake,” and “Sun El Style.” These tracks have showcased his versatility and cemented his status as a key player in the Gqom music scene.

Following the success of last year’s “Tronics Land Series 1,” an album that featured 15 tracks with contributions from artists like Assiye Bongzin, Rhass, Boss Nhani, and others, Mr Thela has upped the ante with “Tronics Land Series 2.” This latest album boasts 16 tracks and includes collaborations with a diverse array of artists, such as Supta, Thalitha, Obie, Njelic, Leehleza, Kammu Dee, Static, and Mshayi.

“Silent Killer,” featuring Mshayi, is a testament to Mr Thela’s mastery in creating compelling Gqom music. The track is characterized by its rhythmic beats and captivating melodies, which are typical of the genre and showcase the synergistic collaboration between Mr Thela and Mshayi. The song is not just a mere addition to the album but stands out as a highlight, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its energetic and vibrant soundscape.

As “Silent Killer” makes its rounds in the music circles, it’s clear that Mr Thela’s “Tronics Land Series 2” is a significant contribution to the Gqom genre, offering a fresh and dynamic perspective. This album and its standout track, “Silent Killer,” are set to be the anthems for many playlists, especially as the weekend approaches.

Silent Killer