Ms Cosmo Drops Bhuti Featuring Boity & MoonChild Sanelly

Ms Cosmo presents a new song titled “Bhuti” in collaboration with her pals Moonchild Sanelly and Boity.

It’s a meeting of some fine female voices in South African music. And the result is a fine number you wanna hear over and over.

Universal Music Group had informed its global audience of the song’s imminence on Tuesday, using the hashtag #TuesdayTeaser. Although Ms Cosmo, a notable radio DJ, retweeted Universal Music Group’s tweet, she failed to inform fans at the same time of the project on her Instagram.

Anyway, only a few fans are complaining. “Bhuti” ¬†is a winner on many levels. One might as well call it a musical coup on MsCosmo’s part. She had managed to bring together two significant voices for a song with an intriguing message.

The guest artiste Moonchild Sanelly prides herself as a female orgasm advocate. The controversial songstress has worked with major names back home and America’s Queen Bey (Beyonc√©).

Boity has distinguished herself as a songstress and entrepreneur. Just recently she launched a fine perfume range named for her: Boity Pink Sapphire perfume. She is even contemplating venturing into the snuff business.

Well, we’re here for “Bhuti.” Listen to it and see it snuff the life out of boredom.

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