Nkosazana Daughter – Ring Ring Ring Ft. Master KG, Lowsheen & Murumba Pitch

South African singer Nksazana Daughter has started the new year off with a bang, with both a new record label and new music. The talented songstress has joined forces with Africori, a leading African music distribution company, and has released a sizzling new track titled “Ring Ring Ring,” featuring Master KG, Murumba Pitch, and Lowsheen.

“Ring Ring Ring” is a perfect “call” to snap you out of boredom and take you on a memorable journey with an experience you won’t forget. Nksazana Daughter is a gifted artist who can easily engage audiences with her voice, whether as a guest artist or on her own songs. Her collaborations with Master KG, Murumba Pitch, and Lowsheen are a real coup, and fans can expect nothing less than greatness from this track.

The song is an upbeat and infectious Amapiano tune infused with a house production that showcases Nksazana Daughter’s vocal prowess, while the production features Master KG’s signature sound. Murumba Pitch and Lowsheen also add their unique styles to the mix, creating a track that is sure to be a hit with fans of the genre.

As Nksazana Daughter continues to make waves in the South African music scene, fans can expect more great things from her in the future. With her talent and drive, she is sure to continue to push the boundaries and create music that resonates with audiences across the continent and beyond.

Nkosazana Daughter – Ring Ring Ring

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