Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Mashed-Up (Remixes) EP

Famous House hitmaker Oscar Mbo teams up with C-Blak and releases a new project titled “Mashed-Up (Remixes) EP.”

We can’t help loving Oscar Mbo and his moves on the scene. The famous DJ continues to prove he’s one of the best DJs on the scene as he unleashes a new collaborative project with C-Blak.

He dropped a lot of entries last year. His efforts were crowned with the album “Groovy Since 90 Sumthin’.” The project housed 12 tracks and featured contributions from C-Blak, Audiology, BlaQ Afro-kay, MaWhoo, Besta Evo, Artwork Sounds, Dearson, and more. They all did a good job on it.

Oscar Mbo and C-Blak have released the “Mashed-Up (Remixes) EP.” The EP houses five tracks and features contributions from Coolkruger and Couza as the only guest contributors. They all did a good job. Check the songs out below to listen to them. Also, add them to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

Mashed-Up (Remixes) EP

  1. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Fallin (Reprise)
  2. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Fallin (Mashed-Up Remix)
  3. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak ft CoolKruger & Couza – Buya Faanaa (Mashed-Up Remix)
  4. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Smooth Operator (Mashed-Up Remix)
  5. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Ulele (Mashed-Up Remix)

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