Papoose Pays Tribute To Ahmaud Arbery & George Floyd On New Tune

Papoose is not exactly a regular on the rap circuit these days. But when he drops the bars, they resonate. Like now.

Papoose has got a new song out,a tribute to and Ahmaud Arbery.

These men, who are African-Americans, are dead. Ahmaud Arbery was fatally shot in Brunswick, Georgia, while jogging and died soon after. He was unarmed.

’s death would follow months later. His death infuriated many, leading to protest across the United States and robust demands for justice. The coming days should reveal what path the car of justice takes. The world is watching.

In his tribute song, Papoose is angry and even contemptuous. He gives the cops the finger without apologies whatsoever.

If songs could raise the dead, surely Papoose’s latest track will instantly bring Ahmaud Arbery & back to the material plane, turning mourning to celebration across the world. If only…

Well, Papoose’s latestsong is a fine addition to the corpus on race relations and cop brutality in the United States, and we recommend checking it out. You are going to love every minute listening to it. Surely.

Check it ought below and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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