Real Nox – Trip to Paris Ft. Dot Mega & SMAKI

Real Nox – Trip to Paris Ft. Dot Mega & SMAKI

Music producer Real Nox takes a “Trip to Paris” in a new song featuring his associates Dot Mega and SMAKI. Call this a meeting of local champions and you wouldn’t be wrong. They actually hit it off on this number, as you will find out presently.

Real Nox, who is also known simply as Nox, is an associate of DJ Ace, South Africa’s maestro of slow jam mixes. The two of them have released several projects together. Here, the songster walked with new voices. And one must give it to him that he picked his guests well.

That should be obvious by the time you are done listening to the track they have put together. Their collaborative synergy is something that will resonate with anyone who is truly paying attention. Wouldn’t you rather join them and take a “Trip to Paris” right now? You should be glad you did, mate.

Trip to Paris

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