Spirit Of Praise – Thel’uMoya Ft. Benjamin Dube

South Africa’s gospel collective Spirit Of Praise premieres an exciting number titled “Thel’uMoya,” featuring another notable gospel musician Benjamin Dube.

Having them all on one number should be enough motivation for any lover of gospel music to jump right in and explore what they have released.

Spirit Of Praise has been around for over a decade. In that period, the group solidified its hold on South Africa’s gospel music universe, spreading healing to home, bringing hope to many and generally edifying the body of Christ.

“Thel’uMoya” is merely a continuation of a legacy of fervent gospel tunes that ignite and empower the body of Christ.

The choice of Benjamin Dube as the sole guest on the song is not something we have a quarrel with — nor do we expect anyone to have a quarrel with that as well.

On the contrary, we see many people out there rocking this number for what it’s worth and reigniting their relationship with heaven, taking territories and leaving no room for the devil.

We think highly of this number and have no qualms encouraging y’all to check it out. You’re in for an uplifting spiritual experience with the track. So why not? Let the music begin.

Spirit Of Praise – Thel’uMoya Ft. Benjamin Dube

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