Tyler ICU & Tumelo_za – Bashile Ft. Tyrone Dee

Tyler ICU and Tumelo ZA hit it off with a new tune dubbed “Bashile,” featuring their associate Tyrone Dee. The local champs are here and they delivered something worth the playtime.

The two lead singers do not have a long history of working together, but they pulled off a musical win anyway. The result is a number that we expect will resonate with listeners out there, whether they are into the genre of expression or not.

Tyler ICU is one name that pops again and again in South Africa’s piano music universe. He actually stands out as one of the most consistent producers out there. While cannot tell what informed the decision to work with Tumelo, but then we are not quarrelling with the results.

“Bashile”  is a tune that will most likely grow in your subconscious, so do well to check it out and see for yourself. Let the music begin.


File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music