Tyler, The Creator – SORRY NOT SORRY

Tyler, The Creator is out with a new offering dubbed “Sorry Not Sorry,” which you can stream here on UbeToo. It seems like yesterday when the world got to embrace the last offering from the songster.

But Tyler, The Creator has still got his old productive energy, as exemplified in what he has just released for the pleasure of music lovers out there. As a title, “Sorry Not Sorry” sounds somewhat ironic. However, there is no disputing the appeal of what the songster has put together.

For an artist with strong creative leanings, it should also surprise no one that the songster’s latest offering is potent enough to attract music lovers and faithful from multifarious genres – from hip hop to RnB, you name it.

Tyler, The Creator’s “Sorry Not Sorry” nudges at you from the very first verse and takes you with it into an orbit of introspection that you would not want to leave in a hurry. of course, we wouldn’t call this his finest drop. But best believe that what he has put together has the potential to make it look at events around you in a different light.

It is time to embrace this Tyler offering, mate.

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