Vigro Deep – Soundcheck

Vigro Deep – Soundcheck

It’s Vigro Deep again! Oh no, that’s not a complaint. On the contrary, we are excited to share another number from the songster with you. It’s time for some “Sound Check,” mate. There, you have the title of the song.

Vigro Deep calls the shots on the decks and turntables but also knows how to get the public vibing with him when he drops a song of his own – like now.

“Sound Check” is a low-mileage ear blesser with an unmistakable piano lilt to it – typical of the Baby Boy of South African music. Every second listening to this beat is a pleasure – as you’ll find out presently

For peeps not conversant with Vigro Deep and his work, the song offered here should make a fine introduction. In fact, the title is fitting, and we doubt you would have anything to complain about at the end of the day. Come on!


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