3 Songs By Mohbad Snag Spots On Billboard’s Top 10 Trending Songs List

No one wants to die young, but life sometimes happens and people find themselves in the old of oblivion. But then, also, they achieve so much in death – something they had not achieved in life and many never have achieved had they even lived.

Such is the reality of the Nigerian singer Mohbad, who died in mysterious circumstances recently. The songster was bubbly one minute and dead the next, allegedly after being injected (with whatever) by a nurse.

In death, the songster’s tracks have been doing remarkably well. In fact, three of them have even made it to the top tending songs on Billboard, amplifying the massive interest that his tracks have generated in the days following his tragic passing.

Records show that the three of his songs that have made it to the Billboard trending songs list include “Peace,” which sits at the No. 2 position, “Feel Good,” which holds the fifth spot, and “Ask About Me,” which holds the eighth position on the list.

Mohbad’s death in mysterious circumstances has aroused a whole nation with marches ongoing worldwide for an inquiry into his death. As a result, his body was exhumed and an autopsy was carried out on it. The result has not been revealed.

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