Actress Mapula Mafole Broken Over Father’s Death

Actress Mapula Mafole Broken Over Father’s Death

It has often been said that ladies have pretty deep bonds with their fathers. While we cannot say this of all the ladies out there – and certainly not for all the ladies we know – we can at least confirm that South African actress Mapule Mafole had a deep bond with her father.

In a recent tweet on her official X account, she shared a picture of her and her father, noting in the caption that she buried him a month ago. And she is so grieved that she admits she would rather be gone with him even though her father would want her to continue pushing without him.

She described him as her biggest fan, with enormous faith in her abilities. Now that faith is all she has – something to draw strength from and continue pushing to reach other places she dreams of. You can check out her post below.

Her fans were mostly empathetic, wishing her strength at her difficult moments while also encouraging her to keep working at her dreams and being better, as that, to them is the best way to honour a father she said had enormous faith in her and was her biggest fan as well.