Adult Content At 19? Cyan Boujee Makes New Claims About Prince Kaybee

South African DJ Cyan Boujee is not backing down in her fight with Prince Kaybee and has just revealed something else about her relationship with him. In her latest rant, she claimed that the “Club Controller” hitmaker was the first celebrity she got down with.

She also claimed that he had asked for adult content from her when she was just 19 years old. At the time, she noted that she wasn’t a brand and she thought allowing the video was the right thing to do. She claimed that the video was taken by Prince Kaybee himself.

She also accused him of being the one who leaked it to the public. Prince Kaybee has mostly ignored her. When she initially made her claims against him, he had looked away and directed fans to check out a new number he dropped on SoundCloud, promising an official release soon.

An audio of his threatening to take Cyan Boujee to court has also been “leaked.” However, at the time of writing, there was no evidence that he had made good his threat.

This isn’t the first time Prince Kaynee has been publicly entangled with a woman, and it is doubtful that it would be the last.