AKA-Boity Rap Comparison: Simphiwe Dana Defends Boity

Simphiwe Dana has defended after made what she considered unnecessary comparison.

In a tweet on 12 June 2013, AKA had said someone had said raps better than him. He said he nearly died, adding a laughing emoji for comic effect and to show and thinks little of the comparison.

An unimpressed Simphiwe Dana, herself a musician from South Africa, had retweeted AKA. She acknowledged AKA as great rapper and lyricist and pretty better that many out there. But she insists he should not have brought into the fray.

Referencing as AKA’s daughter in her tweet might appear condescending, but it appears Boity is indifferent to what’s going on, not having said anything since.

Boity, who recently made it to Billboard Magazine and signed a contract with Def Jam Africa, has been pretty vocal in her declamations of the men are trash trope. Could this be the AKA dismissed claims she is better than him?

By the way, while Boity loudly acknowledges her rapping gifts, she has not compared herself to AKA in the past, And it is doubtful she would do so.

What do you make of AKA’s tweet and Simphiwe Dana’s response to it? You may want to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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